Who we are

It’s for someone to give to someone else in order to let them know that they are always there and that they care
Mental health is everywhere and everyone knows someone who is struggling.
Can we change the world. No one knows.
Can we try. Yes
Buy a PocketM8 and donate it to someone you know needs a friend
It might not make a difference today but it might change their world tomorrow
A simple smile can make someone look at the world more positively. This in turn can help anxiety, depression and possibly stop a suicide.
We don’t know what makes you tick
However we at PocketM8 want to keep you ticking.
The Mate in your Pocket will keep you on the up when moments might want to put you down.
1 PocketM8 consists of 5 double sided miniature plastic cards with 10 motivational comments, thoughts or ideas to help you or the ones you love.

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